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The Modified Story

Hi, I'm Meg! That's me in the photo next to my husband, Josh. He was active duty Navy for 12 years before transitioning to Commercial airlines and the Air National Guard. As a military spouse, I found out very quickly that the ability to change and compromise was the key to success when anything and everything can change at a moments notice. And oh boy it did! I started my career in New York City, working for NBC Universal where I racked up almost 5 years of social media experience as well as television production and video editing skills. When I moved to Virginia Beach, I had to reroute my career path. I found myself in sales and marketing. After starting a business and handling everything myself, I thought, "how many business owners are juggling the work of 5 employees AND figuring out how to stay relevant in the ever changing landscape of the internet and social media?"  Just when I thought I had a plan, the Navy came calling again and moved us all the way across the country to the tiny town of Lemoore, California.  Once again, I had to modify! I found a whole community of business owners who weren't educated in social media and I found my niche! Because of my experience, I'm passionate about working with small businesses. I understand your needs and priorities. I know that sometimes getting on Facebook and Instagram during or after your work day, isn't as important as your employees or your personal and family time! Most importantly, I know that in order for a company to thrive on social media channels, the person behind the screen has to be invested. That's what you get when you work with me, 100% investment into you, your company and your online needs. 
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